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Hey there fellow seeker.

Welcome to my tiny little corner in web space.

I'm Shyla. I am a certified yoga therapist, instructor, facilitator and (maybe more importantly), a highly sensitive empath. My therapeutic journey has taken me beyond study of the healing power of yoga, to studying metaphysics and energetics and particularly, the mechanics of personality and subtle energy and their connection to physical, mental and emotional disorders. These two parts of our human experience create the undercurrent that guides and informs every aspect of our lives.  

I've been an introverted, spiritual, creative, deep thinker my whole life. While things have never come easy for me, it has fed my unquenchable thirst on my inward journey. I'm a student of self-self study and in constant search of seeing the invisible and understanding the traumas of the human journey.

I specialize in guiding, facilitating, and creating safe environments for people to have transformative experiences within.

What's a transformative experience? It's a moment, or series of moments, when you can make sense of—with absolute clarity—the experiential dot-to-dots that make up your life. Dipping into these transformative moments has the power to nourish and guide your inspiration, creativity, and discernment.

My work IN THE WORLD really boils down to this:

I help people recognize and process layers of themselves they sometimes can't do on their own because it's really hard to see the whole picture when you're in it.

In my private sessions, courses, workshops, and classes—I help people connect the dots; to make sense of their experiences—to reveal and heal the parts of them that ache for something their relationships, career, businesses, and lives.

This work is not to be confused with life coaching. It's energy work. When things feel off in your world. When you're emotionally achey and craving something you can't quite put your finger on—the real issues are rooted in the layers of your energy system. Using a powerful and purposeful combination of subtle energetics, astrological, elemental, and personality-based energy measurement tools, we'll discover what's rubbing in your system and why. Then I'll help you integrate the spiritual and energetic alignment your soul craves with the strengths of your personality and the practicalities of your life in the real world.

I believe our paths crossed for a reason.

I hope you find what you're looking for here.

If you haven't already, make sure we stay connected by signing up for my occasional e-mail letters below. I'm an introvert. Have no worry that I'll clutter your inbox with incessant email. I believe in meaningful conversation only. Happy journeying.

shyla hacala