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I am so grateful you are here.

After thousands of hours working with students and instructors, I have uncovered something very exciting about what it takes to be an instructor who is thriving and filling classes rather than one who is exhausted and broke.

You can make yoga a lucrative full-time career.
You can expand your offerings beyond the traditional yoga teacher path.
You can be the healer you always dreamed of becoming.

But first, you need to understand your instructor archetype.

You already have one piece of the puzzle: your training and certifications. The sooner you are aware of the other two pillars of your teaching foundation:

1. Your personality code
2. Your subtle energetics assessment

the sooner you'll uncover your ability to read the energy of each individual in your class so you can bring forth the poses, lessons, and meditations that would best serve the moment. 

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With sincerest gratitude, namaste...

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