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Move beyond the role of teacher, step into your calling as an intuitive facilitator.

Read the energy of each individual in your classes to bring forth the poses, lessons, and meditations that best serve the moment.

your training is one piece of the puzzle.

Now it's time to understand:

1. Your personality code
2. Your subtle energy patterns

The Foundation of Three, helps you develop the confidence and clarity to create a business or offerings that match and align to your souls deeper work: making a big difference in the lives of those who need YOUR work in the world.

The first step is uncovering your instructor archetype. sign up below to take the quiz!

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the cycle of certifications:

Our training gives us structure and methods, but it doesn't help us connect with our inner wisdom or make the most of our personality. Instead, we play the role of the perfect yoga instructor.

Our students feel this inauthenticity.
Our classes don't grow.
And our enthusiasm drains. 
So we attain another certification...


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