Shyla Hacala

The Gentle Mentor

I can tell you - from personal experience - one of the hardest parts of teaching yoga is receiving critique and feedback. 

There are a few reasons this is so difficult to process:

1 // We can't please everyone and we know it.
2 // Who's right? That student? That peer? That friend?
3 // We may get feedback that doesn't take into account our personality, style, or energy.
4 // It rarely feels good and provokes our inner critic.

Feedback is less about you and more about someone else's expectations in a particular moment.

My personal superpower is seeing all the little energetic nuances that make you so special. I can see the exact moments you shift from your inner knowing to your analytical teacher syllabus. I can hear the energetic exchanges that take place in your language when you cue; and I can feel how the room shifts based on the ebb and flow of your confidence.

I created The Gentle Mentor because I always craved it. 

How it works:

1 // You'll fill out your Gentle Mentor Questionnaire.
2 // You'll upload a video of you teaching a class to your Dropbox and share it with me.
3 // You'll set a time to visit with me on the phone.
4 // In the meantime, I'll send you a love note and share my insights and inspiration.
5 // We'll visit on the phone (this is the fun part) and go over my gentle assessment. You'll ask questions. I'll share additional ideas to help shift your teaching into your brilliance; based on your soul dreams, your personality strengths, and your unique energy alchemy.

As your gentle mentor, I am not critiquing, quizzing, or evaluating your syllabus.

Instead, I'm feeling, noticing, experiencing, tuning into, reading, and hearing where your inner wisdom shines and where you suppress it (either consciously or subconsciously).

The Gentle Mentor is not about turning you into something you're not, it's about guiding you to a place of personal confidence and relaxed authenticity. I'll help you get out of your own way, so you can shine and make a big difference in the lives of your clients.

Investment // $275

By the end of your Gentle Mentor experience, you'll be bursting with inspiration and and clarity. You'll feel reconnected to your true teaching style, which will have an amazing impact on your classes, student engagement, and ultimately your impact.

Questions? I'd love to answer them.

The Gentle Mentor Plus

If you love the idea of having a Gentle Mentor, you'll adore The Gentle Mentor Plus.

Along with everything in the Gentle Mentor package, you'll also get one month of unlimited email follow-up. Basically, I will be there for you, at the end of your fingertips.

I'll be your best friend, your guide, your personal support system as you shift your yoga style based on the insights of my Gentle Mentor assessment.

Use your email time with me to:

  • talk about specific yoga business questions or challenges
  • dig deeper into your personal development journey
  • dive into your personality metrics to better understand your strengths
  • uncover the belief systems and stuck energy holding you back

How you use your email support time with me is completely up to you. I'm ready (and honoured) to meet you right where you are and let the guidance unfold organically to best serve you.

Investment // $375

Questions? I'd be happy to answer them.