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Releasing the Year: A Winter Solstice Women's Circle

The winter solstice is a time of reflection and letting go. The darkest nights of the year have already passed, and it’s time to release what has already happened so that we can prepare for what is to come.

Many of us starting thinking about making New Year’s resolutions or setting intentions at this point in the year, but how many of us truly take stock of the year past, learning from what has happened, letting go of what we need to let go of, and exploring what we want to take into the coming year? How can we truly move forward until we release what might be holding us back and take with us what we have learned?

Join Shyla Hacala, yoga therapist and subtle energy practitioner, and Jessie Harrold, life coach, for a winter solstice women’s circle that will support you to deeply process and release the year that has passed, making way for what the coming season has in store for you.

On the evening of the winter solstice, Wednesday, December 21st, a small group of sisters will gather in the warmth of a fire- and candle-lit space. 

Each woman will receive an individual energy reading from Shyla exploring energetic priorities and themes and linking it to what might be holding you back. This stunningly accurate reading will form the basis of your exploration into letting go of 2016. 

Jessie will lead the group in using the ancient symbol of the labyrinth, representative of the Heroine’s Journey, to process the events of your year gone past. 

We will then gather in circle to perform a releasing ritual, allowing you to shed the old and make room for the new

We will share beautiful food, nourishing tea, and a deep sense of support and sisterhood as we journey forward into the next season of our lives.

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