Shyla Hacala

Energetic alchemy sessions

What you're experiencing right now contains subtle and powerful messages of wisdom, inspiration, and direction.

Together we'll decode them.

have you ever felt like you're following clues toward your unique gifts
And as soon as you snap one puzzle piece into place, it seems like another section goes missing? 

In this age of expanded accessibility and connection, it can sometimes feel difficult to access and connect with what we most crave...
the wisdom that is coded into the subconscious layers of our energy body. 

what is energetic alchemy?

Reading energy is my jam. I sometimes wish I had a normal skill set, but that's not how these things work. I help people how to see their own superpowers, without judgement and expectation around what shows up, and reading energy happens to be mine. Energetic Alchemy refers to accessing and decoding information embedded in the different layers of energy within and outside of your personal energetic field. 

My therapeutic journey has taken me beyond study of the healing power of yoga, to studying metaphysics and energetics and particularly, the mechanics of personality and subtle energy and their connection to physical, mental and emotional disorders. These two parts of our human experience create the undercurrent that guides and informs every aspect of our lives.  

I specialize in guiding people through transformative experiences. What is a transformative experience? It's a moment, or series of moments, when you can make sense of—with absolute clarity—the experiential dot-to-dots that make up your life. Dipping into these transformative moments has the power to nourish and guide your inspiration, creativity, and discernment.

The things popping up in your circumstances aren't random.
They're energetic feedback.

Many people make the mistake of trying to solve problems at the level of the symptom or situation.
True clarity and resolution can only happen when you become aware of the root issue...your energy.

Energy Alchemy sessions

This potent journey is a three-step process.

1 // You'll send me a series of questions or focal points that will help me tune into your energetic field of answers.

2 // Using my highly sensitive intuition and a set of tools that helps me measure your subtle energy layers, I'll create a diagnostic report. It will contain key areas of energy misalignment, your personal brilliances and areas of alignment and energetic space that need some focus.

3 // You'll get the option of a phone session or emails to ask questions and help you to understand how to use and integrate the most important aspects and priorities of your report.

This is for you if:

  • You're looking for detailed, customized, diagnostic information related to you and your individual situation.
  • You've tried other ways to fix what feels stuck, and yet something still feels like it's missing.
  • You really resonate with archetypal and energetic work, but you also love to have measurable, quantifiable results.
  • You've done lots of energetic work before but find you're still getting hung up by belief systems and would like to explore what is deeper.
  • You've read, studied, practiced and examined personal development and spiritual healing so much you could teach it (or maybe you do).

Investment // $425