Shyla Hacala

the shy yoga teacher online course

As a shy yoga teacher, I have found most courses for introverts are designed by extroverts who try to teach us to overcome our sensitive ways.

But what if I told you your empathetic nature is a gift? Something to regard dearly? One of your greatest strengths?

The Shy Yoga teacher is a 4 week email course that doesn't attempt to change your fundamental personality (because that's exhausting).

Instead, it's a stream of wisdom, exercises, and a ideas - delivered right to your inbox - to help you understand your subtle powers in a new light; and incorporate practices into your teaching that allow you to feel safe, comfortable, protected, and confident ( can be shy and feel confident).

Believe me...I know exactly where you are coming from; and let me make this very clear: 

  • Your are not uptight
  • You don't need to come out of your shell
  • You don't need to power through

People who give you that advice are trying to do the impossible - change your beautiful nature.

This e-course will show you how to celebrate the gifts of being shy, sensitive and introverted; and shape your world in way that fits YOU rather than the other way around.

I open this course up several times a year and it includes a private invite to my secret community of like-hearted yoga professionals who desire to support one another as we dive deep into The Foundation of Three principles and practices.

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  1. 4-week email course

  2.  Private online classroom for lessons

  3. Access to private Facebook group

Investment // $97

Enrolment opening soon. To be the first to know about the next session, simply sign up below.

yoga instructor teaching from the heart online class

The only way to be continually inspired and avoid burnout is to know when it's time to stray from your syllabus and teach from your heart.

Move beyond the role of teacher, and step into your calling as an intuitive facilitator; one who shows up and reads the energy of each individual in class to bring forth the poses, lessons, and meditations that best serve the moment.

It's an intricate dance: connecting to the depths of your soul and translating that intuition into practical experiences for your students.

Yoga teachers have a natural way of doing this, yet sometimes we either can’t see it, or we lose sight of it during our teaching practices.

Teaching from the heart is a 8-week e-course that will help you understand your yoga teacher archetype and unwrap its intuitive gifts.

Through our lessons - we'll create sacred rituals, self-discover, be introduced to our energetic personality, journal, and practice energy alchemy based on your unique personality code.

Each week we'll uncover another aspect of your authenticity which will help you make powerful shifts in the way you teach.

Over the course of your 8-week journey you'll develop the confidence and clarity to create mutually fulfilling class experiences and feel confident sharing your deeper soul teachings.

As yoga teachers, we unlock personal transformation within our students. Teaching From The Heart helps unlock a powerful energetic transformation in your teaching practice.


  1. 8-week email course

  2. Private online classroom for lessons

  3. Access to private Facebook group

Investment // $197

Teaching From The Heart opens up several times a year. To be the first to know about the next session, simply sign up below.