Shyla Hacala

heart-based business energetics

Ever taken an online course to help get clear about your business and ended up no closer to your dream than before you started? 

Heart-based business owners are especially prone to this.

Our gifts and value are hard to see and understand from the inside out. 


Answering generic business questions doesn't cut through our confusion
Group coaching calls feel like
 sensory overload
We have a hard time following through when we don't feel understood

My mentoring programs are specifically for soulful entrepreneurs wanting personalized guidance to help them recognize, claim, and take action creating businesses that are aligned with their passions, values, personality, and unique gifts.

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business energetics is right for you if:

  • Your current business doesn't feel aligned with your personality (if it's stalled or feels's most definitely not!)

  • You enjoy working with someone who meets you right where you are rather than gives you a rigid curriculum (although there is structure to this approach).

  • You're ready to drill through your confusion and overwhelm to discover the brilliance of your energetics and personality.

  • You desire to align your Foundation of Three™ to practical strategies and tools that enhance your business expression and expansions.

  • You’re more motivated by your soul's work and how to create a fulfilling business that serves the world vs. finding ways to make fast money.

We're probably not a good fit if:

  • You’re looking for straight-up business logistics consulting (although I can make good recommendations).

  • You want marketing strategies that make fast money regardless of how well they work with your business and personality.

  • You're looking for a guru-style systematic teaching approach.

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heart-based Business guidance

Building a heart-centered business is one of the most fulfilling and challenging undertakings.
Heart-Based Business Development is not traditional business coaching, because your business is not traditional. 

This a personal illumination journey.

The sooner we align your business style with your energetic blueprint, the sooner you'll discover an untapped personal brilliance to help you expand your business around your soul's passion.

I'll guide you as we drill down into the confusion about why your business isn't feeling expansive or aligned for you. This awareness will guide us to solutions that are grounded in your unique personality metrics, energy field, skill set, and talents. This program will help you with the practicalities of growing your business, but more importantly it will increase your confidence to show up as the unique, beautiful, confident, and valuable business owner you are.

The roadmap for your journey:

Phase 1 // Reconnect with your why + uncover your brilliance

Sometimes we devote the most energy to what we’re not consciously connected with.

And this holds us back.

I'll help you understand your natural business style which is deeply connected to your personality, energy, and why you started your entrepreneurial journey in the first place. 

You have gifts you are unaware of. I'll help you discover them and empower you to weave them into your strategies—to grow your business with more ease and flow.


Phase 2 //  Personality metrics + energetic expansion + body blueprint

We'll discover your energetic personality and archetype. We'll also see what is expanding in your energy and I'll guide you to better manage this important aspect of the way you move through the world. I'll also facilitate a Body Blueprint™ which will give us clues as to what any physical manifestations of illness might be trying to communicate.


Phase 3 // Pulling your brilliance + heart-centered business together

Your work should feel light and nourishing; with ease and flow. When it is spiritually, emotionally, and energetically aligned, it will. In this phase of our journey, we'll pull in practical tools to help you gain traction with your newly aligned path.


INVESTMENT // $400 per month (minimum 3 month commitment) 

Questions? I'd love to answer them.